Sometimes people ask me “do you travel?” and I get really excited. Usually when I say “of course, where are you getting married?” they say something like Charleston or Sumter or Greenville. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to all of those places, but I don’t really consider that traveling ;)

In the past few years we’ve shot weddings in SC, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama, Colombia (South America), and Nebraska!!!

Jared and Mindy live here in Columbia, but Mindy is originally from Nebraska, and they decided to have the wedding there. I was super excited about the opportunity, even though their wedding was in February and I HATE the cold. This wedding was cold beyond any cold I’ve ever experienced here! The highest temperature we experienced on our trip was in the low teens!

One of my favorite things about this wedding is that Jared turned out to be one of my best friends. He expressed an interest in photography at his wedding, and then started working with us some in 2014! Since then we’ve become great friends even outside of photography work. Sadly, Jared and Mindy are moving out of South Carolina, but I’m hoping we still have a chance to work together more in the future, and obviously stay in touch as friends.

bride getting ready in nebraska
groom getting ready in nebraska
nebraska wedding first look
embrace during first look snow
first look
bride and groom photos in the snow
portrait bride and groom in the snow
bride and groom walking in snow
bride and groom wedding poses in the snow
bridesmaids nebraska wedding snow
groomsmen snow portraits
bridal party snow
bridal party nebraska wedding
ring detail winter
dad and bride before walking down aisle
dad gives daughter away
first kiss nebraska wedding
reception decor
bride and groom kiss at their seats reception
pop champagne
cake cutting
first dance and toats
first dance bride and groom
dancing with parents
dancing at the reception
last dance

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