If anyone knows how to put on a party, it would be a wedding and event planner.  And when it comes to wedding and event planning, you don’t get much better than By Invitation Only.  The studio 54 Disco party was a BLAST (from the past) and a learning experience for someone who wasn’t even born until 10 years after the peak of disco!  The details were perfect, the atmosphere was psychedelic and the company couldn’t be better.  I brought my camera along and shot some video and photos.  Check out the video and be sure to leave some comments!

The salad was amazing!  I could have eaten just salad and been happy!  The disco balls were everywhere, and made some awesome light and color.

Can you recognize these guys?  Lol it took me a while to figure out who they were when I first saw them!

Ashley on the psychedelic swing!  This thing was a hit.  Looking for something to entertain guests at a wedding?  Try a swing!

“Everybody had fun tonight!”

Ok so maybe we weren’t dressed in true disco fashion, but what do we know?  We weren’t even born until 10 years after disco was at its peak!  Sometimes I wonder what people were thinking back then… but then again, it sure was fun!  Sorry to tell you Ashley, but they didn’t have smart phones in the 70s.  Dude… the internet hadn’t even been invented!

Yeah we got the moves!

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Take some time to visit some of the awesome vendors that helped with the party!

By Invitation Only – Wedding and Event Planning (host)
701 Whaley (venue)
Party Time DJ’s (Dave Gilbert)
Ambient Media (lighting)
Capital City Catering

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year!

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