So, I grew up with a guy who was a great friend for a long time. We liked to eat marshmallows (whole bags at a time). We also played video games on Pentium 2 computers and were amazed by the graphics.

What does this have to do with Jewelry? Well my friend has 4 older sisters. Two of them asked me to photograph their weddings. One of them married into the Sandler family, who owns Sandlers Fine Jewelry. Yeah… random I know… but I had to make the connection for you. Basically, after photographing their wedding, and growing up with her little bro, I feel like part of the family.

If you go check Sandlers out, you might feel like part of the family too. That’s something that sets them apart. They are a family run business, who focuses on a professional, customer oriented, friendly atmosphere. So many of the Jewelry stores around are major chains. They buy jewelry in bulk, often sacrificing quality for quantity. They also have pushy sales people who will sometimes even twist the truth to get you to buy. Not at Sandlers. Greg (the one who married my friends sister) personally reviews the diamonds to assure quality, beauty and affordability. You’ll also feel much better knowing they aren’t on a big time corporate agenda to move huge quantities of Jewelry.  At Sandlers, you’re not just another customer… you are important!

So why am I writing about Sandlers? Well, I hate to see people get ripped off and pay way to much for low quality. I also know for a fact that Sandlers sells beautiful jewelry. I thought I’d post a few photos to prove it!

First up, Mrs. Aubrae Ward’s engagement ring!  Isn’t it amazing?

It even looks great on Superman!

And then of course Jessie and Greg themselves!  When your family owns a jewelry store, you KNOW there’s going to be an impressive engagement ring involved…

I’d love to post more photos of Sandlers Jewelry.  If I’ve photographed your wedding or engagement and you purchased jewelry from Sandlers, let me know and I’ll put your photos up too!

I’m even going to take it one step further.  I think Sandlers jewelry is so great, that I’m going to offer a FREE engagement session to anyone who purchases their ring from Sandlers.  If you’re already getting an engagement session anyway… don’t worry I’ll be glad to offer you a free 8×10 print!

Check out Sandlers website at or like their facebook page at

You can also just stop by their store at the Village at Sandhills (right across from Victoria’s Secret).

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