Fall Wedding at The Hall At Senates End in Columbia, SC | Cameron and Melissa

Let me just say, I LOVE October weddings!

I’ll try not to bore you with too many words and let you get to checking out the photos from this wedding… but I’ll mention a few of my favorite moments from the day:

1. The first look. I LOVE when couples decide to do a first look. Not only are the reveal moments special, but there are so many extra things that can happen when you make that time available. In fact, the next two moments could only happen because of the first look.

2. Practicing their first dance. It was only a few seconds, but it was a special moment that Cameron and Melissa shared.

3. The “pause” before signing the Ketubah. The Rabbi was one of the most mindful people I’ve ever met, and was so intentional about helping facilitate the emotions and relationships that are so important to a wedding day. The family gathered around and blessed the newly married couple. Everyone present could feel the love in the room.

4. The last dance. After a long party, the connection was stronger than ever between Melissa and Cameron. By this time, they were totally lost in the moment and nothing else mattered. I couldn’t help but getting caught up in this moment with them.

Congratulations Cameron and Melissa! I hope you have long lives filled with the same happiness you experienced on your wedding day!

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Wedding Venue (Columbia, SC) | The Hall at Senate’s End
Wedding Planner | Meagan Warren Weddings
Bridal Attire | White on Daniel Island
Bridesmaids’ Attire | Sash Boutique
Wedding Cake | Bonnie Brunt Cakes
Catering/Bartending | DuPre’s Catering
Wedding DJ | Partytime DJ’s – Tony Signorino
Wedding Flowers | American Floral
Lighting | Ambient Media
Hair/Makeup | MiKel Rumsey
Photographer | Ablaze Photography

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22 thoughts on “Fall Wedding at The Hall At Senates End in Columbia, SC | Cameron and Melissa”

  1. The memories captured in these pictures are almost as vivid as the ones stored in my heart. This wedding was perfect !!! I love you Melissa and Cameron.

  2. Michaela Chaconas Ristaino

    Lovely!! Love the soft and beautiful pink/peach colors for this wedding…stunning photography ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Kimberly McKinney

    I love everything about the moments captured. May you guys be blessed with many more remarkable moments in time like these.

  4. Melisa Anderson

    Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. Cameron and Melissa you two are beautiful together. We had a blast at the wedding!

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