This past weekend Ashley and I participated in Atelier ({a-tel-ya} noun. 1. an artist’s or designer’s studio 2. workshop), the first art and style focused bridal show in the Southeast.

Here’s a quote from the Atelier website that puts so beautifully into words the purpose of this “different” kind of bridal show:

We hope to partner with individuals and independent businesses who are able to bring the elements of design and the timelessness of elegance and originality into a bride and groom’s special day. Our aim is to cater to both types of couples: the bride and groom who want to go all-out with the indie, artsy theme, and/or the more traditional couple who just wants to add a tad bit of flair, personality or unconventionality to their wedding.

We believe that a wedding is the coming together of two individuals — not two androids, robots or soulless caricatures — and therefore must encompass a couple’s personality, history and story. A wedding is just another form of story-telling, and there are no other elements that can better express this than handmade, local, sustainable, charitable, personalized, custom or independently-designed goods and services. A wedding rooted in love is a feast made of and from love; a feast that very simply awakes or evokes sound, touch, taste, smell and sight.

I LOVE the stuff in bold! I want to start making my business more personalized for each couple, and truly tell their story. Its kinda like the NationwidePam commercial.

Anyway, keep checking my blog for more updates on what I’m doing to make my business more customer oriented. But for now, here are a few pics from Atelier.

We packed my moms van and hit the road for Athens, GA!

I put a TREE in my bridal show booth. Bet you’ve never seen that one before!

Here’s some of our decorations, including our famous pictures in a ball jar.

And finally, my badge that officially certifies me as “bridal-hip.” No question about it, my business will never be the same again. I also met some other inspiring people at the bridal show, and you’ll probably be hearing more about them soon!

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