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Hey! We’re Corey and Ashley (sometimes shortened by our friends to coreynashley)!

We’ve been together for half our lives now… which is crazy since we are 27 and 28 year old middle school sweethearts who have never been more in love.

We met in 8th grade on a church trip and started “dating” soon after that. A little over 6 years later in 2008, we decided to make forever official.

When we got engaged, Ashley told me that we needed engagement photos and I thought she was being weird. I had never heard of anyone doing that before in my life. She told me to look it up, and after a few hours on Google I was hooked. I felt like I knew the couples in the photos, and they inspired me to love. After emailing a few photographers, one told me she could use an assistant and I said “sure” (having no idea what was coming). I worked with my mentor for about 2 years. Ashley and I started photographing weddings together in 2009, and by 2012, we were both full time wedding photographers!

We’ve photographed about 200 weddings, and we get excited every time we book a new one. We love being able to work together as a team and remembering our vows to each other everytime we capture a wedding.

We now have 2 little girls and a boy, Claire and Blythe and Blaise. They are the loves of our lives and there is nothing we love more than spending time with them.

We are no longer accepting wedding clients as of 2019.

Corey is now doing SEO consulting, check out his latest article here:

Corey and Ashley Potter – Wedding Photographers in Columbia, SC

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