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“It’s too bad if a heart lacks fire, and is deprived of the light of a heart ablaze.
The day on which you are without passionate love is the most wasted day of your life.”

Omar Khayyam

Love is beautiful. Its something worth celebrating. This is why weddings exist. Because love is beautiful.

There is something unique about the love that burns within us when we find a person we could never live without. Maybe it started with just a spark. A chemistry that can’t be denied. But at that moment you realize your lives are better together, there is no turning back. The sparks unite and every moment together fuels this tiny fire that soon becomes an all consuming blaze. A fire that could never be quenched. In fact sometimes it seems quite uncontrollable. You just can’t seem to get your lover off your mind.

But things won’t always be easy. You are both human afterall. You’ll face all kinds of obstacles and challenges that will suck the energy from every bit of that flame. Oh but that fire will be as hot as ever. Hotter in fact. The passionate love of your youth is the flame that will consume the challenges and turn them to coals. The long lasting kind of fire that provides warmth through the night. The kind where you can turn over a coal and add a little fuel to bring back the flames on command.

This is the beauty of marriage. The burning flame comes naturally, and even easily for most. Light a sheet of newspaper on fire and it will burn magnificently for a few seconds. But without intentional placement and cultivation, the fire dies. But marriage is like the hardwood logs that burn through the night. Getting them started takes more work, but they create a sustainable bed of coals that doesn’t easily fade.

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Here’s why Ablaze Photography exists:

To embrace, and encourage and celebrate marriage. The photos we display tell the story of love and will hopefully inspire love in others.

To enhance relationships. There is no time when the flame burns brighter than soon after a proposal. That absolute commitment to forever. We capture this time and help you put it on display as a reminder. These photos will remind you that together, you have the flame that it takes to consume any obstacles that are in your way, and that together you are making coals.

To preserve history. Your family’s legacy starts with your love and marriage. One day your future generations will look back at your photos and understand something about your family’s character. They will understand the love that set the foundation. Your love has the capability to change the lives of others, we document that love so it will never be forgotten.

“There may be a great fire in our soul, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke.”

Vincent van Gogh

3 Key Ingredients

There are 3 key ingredients to wedding photography…

Watch the video to find out what they are!

How do I know if Ablaze is the right choice for my wedding photography?

First of all, we photograph people who are in love and who aren’t afraid to show it. That doesn’t mean you have to be overly affectionate in public or be sappy and mushy all the time. It means that you prioritize your relationship and your favorite thing to do is spend time together.

Here are some things we believe as wedding photographers. If you believe similar things, we might be a good fit!

The main reason a wedding exists is to celebrate your love with family and friends.
Relationships are key. Not just your relationship with your *almost* spouse, but the relationship you have with everyone in attendance. We are always looking to capture moments that display genuine emotions shared by people who care about each other. These are the memories that you will ultimately cherish above all else.
Details are important.
You don’t go to a movie theatre and watch the movie trailer then leave. Sure, you got the idea of the story in 2 minutes, but the details are what give context, meaning, and uniqueness to the story. We pay close attention to details. From the flowers, rings, programs and decor to the type of clouds, the price of gas and the nearby sounds. We look for things that make your wedding unique.
Photography is valuable.
If you don’t really care about your photos and its just another thing to check off your list… you probably should not hire us. We believe that photography is a vital part of a wedding celebration. Most of the things you’ll pay for that day will be consumed or thrown away. The photos will increase in value over time, and even as your memory fades, the legacy of your love will be clear.
Weddings are a key life experience.
Your wedding will be a milestone in your life that you will always look back to as one of your favorite memories. You need to be confident that your photographer (and other vendors) will make you comfortable, relaxed, and able to be yourself. Your wedding is not an elaborate photoshoot, and while the photos are important, they are not the primary reason for the day. We believe it is never ok to compromise your experience (or the experience of your guests) for a photo.

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