I haven’t posted a bridal session yet on this blog, and I’m excited to post the first bridal session of the year. For this session, we went down to Beaufort to the Old Sheldon Church Ruins. The site is a great setting for bridal portraits, and has so much character. With all the old trees and moss, it also comes across as Southern. I love being able to do something “different” that is still “traditional.”

So many brides choose not to have a bridal session, but I think they are great for several reasons. First, its a good time to run through getting ready like you will on your wedding day. You get to practice hair, makeup, the bouquet, putting the dress on, and everything else. Second, its a great way to preserve the wedding dress. The photos from a bridal session are a way to remember how beautiful the dress looked. You will look back and think… “dang, I really did look like a princess.” Third… its a chance to be pampered and feel like a princess one extra time other than the wedding. Not to mention the fact that its nice displaying the portrait on your wedding day, and your mom or mother in law will love the portrait as a gift.

Here are my favorites from Justine’s bridal session. Leave some comments below and tell Justine how much she looks like she needs to be in a magazine…

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